Custom* Drinko Plinko *MINI*


    One of our favorite items, just got Mini! Do you love the idea of drinko-plinko, but don't have much wall space? Drinko-plinko MINI is your solution!!
    Approx. 7x11" with a depth of 2", this bad boy will take minimal space and provide max. Entertainment!

    AND you can CUSTOMIZE!

    Just like our standard size, make it custom for your event!
    Leave notes for:
    -3 slot options: 1-3 short words ie. 'Shot', 'give drink', 'take drink'...
    -custom hashtag, phrase or word (limited to 3 words/lines please)
    -choose background color
    -choose border color
    -text either black or white only

    Then POP, plink, plink, plink... DRINK! :)